This would mean the censorship of many pro-White authors, such as myself. In fact, the anti-White leftist group which has started the petition, now being publicized today by The Daily Beast and USA Today, mention my books specifically as being targeted for censorship.

“…Other white supremacist books include a “bloodthirsty white nationalist fantasy” novel from Kyle Bristow a lawyer who previously represented white nationalst Richard Spencer, and 18 books by the neo-Nazi Billy Roper. One of his books advertises tips on how to become an influential figure in the white supremacist movement…”

USA Today just picked up the Daily Beast article about the anti-White lefties trying to petition to purge Amazon of, among other things, all of my fiction and nonfiction works. They are advertising the petition all over social media, particularly Twitter.

From the “study”:

“…Billy Roper is a white supremacist who has predicted the breakup of the United States into ethno-states and who coordinates a group that believes it is preparing to create and defend a white ethno-state in the Ozark Mountains.112 Roper has used CreateSpace to publish 18 fction and nonfction books on this and related topics.113 The description for one begins, “In ‘The Ice Path’, the best-selling fction author in the White Nationalist movement deftly interweaves a prehistorical and historical fction narrative with an autobiographical testimony and nonfction ‘Rules For Racialists’ guide to becoming a person of infuence within the pro-White movement.”114 The SPLC describes Roper as “the uncensored voice of violent neo-Nazism.”115…”

The spelling errors in the paragraph above? Those are all owned by the author of the study. They literally can’t spell “fiction” or “influence”, but they sure can write it, and their study has gotten national media coverage and is driving an effort to censor through petition. One wonders if one of the third worlders on the staff just has an axe to grind because they submitted a book to CreateSpace for publication, but had it rejected due to the preponderance of spelling and grammatical errors.  They list all of their staff, so maybe you should ask them? Don’t worry, in the near future we’ll be making that easier by collecting all of the publicly available information on each of them, for educational purposes.

At this point, honestly, I do expect Amazon to cave and remove my books from publication, as well as marketing. My suggestion, get them while you can:

Jews try to shut down Amazon Sales of Nationalist Literature