Northrop Grumman, the employer which fired Michael Miselis, a 29 year old PhD. student and aerospace engineer, for having been at Charlottesville, despite the fact that there was no indication his political views affected his work, does receive government funding through defense contracts. But, so does Frontline, the PBS program funded by tax dollars, which took part in the public doxxing of him following the extended anti-White witch hunt. Like The Daily Beasts’s Kelly Weill’s recent articles exposing an even worse than usual anti-White bias in the controlled media, the politicization of journalism, to give them the most generous term available, means that they have taken sides in the emerging conflict irrevocably, and are therefore legitimate targets of doxxing through the simple and legal compilation and republication of publicly available data easily found online, themselves. Since their editors and media owners are also anti-White, they won’t get fired, but they might get very well known by the public.

It seems apparent, according to sources within the Global Communications radio channel which removed the StormFront Action Radio program from broadcasting following the Jewish media circling its wagons, that the media outlets and anti-White lawyer who bluffed them into censoring White people’s free speech were responding to the legitimate risk of being held accountable for their actions. Specifically, Kelly Weill was publicly informed that she might be open to a civil suit for libel and slander following an article in which she used extraordinary liberal hyperbole and pejoratives to villify one of the program’s hosts.

Similar to the way that Frontline repeated the doxxing efforts of the liberal Propublica site in Michael’s case in an attempt to give it some veneer of legitimacy, Weill republished for the anti-White Daily Beast an illiterate, ungrammatical ‘study’ by a far left activist group, the “Action Center on Race and the Economy”, and the estrogen-driven minority staff of “The Partnership For Working Families”, triggering a story by the USA Today middle school tabloid. The ‘study’ found that Amazon still partially valued the first amendment, which liberal media hacks cling to like their favorite kippah when it’s their ox being gored. Kelly joined the push to have, among other censorious actions, author Billy Roper’s books removed from publication and marketing by Amazon. Since her article, sales of Roper’s books have reportedly soared, thanks largely to the free advertising her coverage provided. And, all of Roper’s books have now been safely republished in second editions through another publisher, so even if she were to be successful in prodding Amazon to engage in another book burning, they would not go out of print. However, she gave it the old Jewish try, to “Shut it down!”.

This is how anti-Whites operate. Extreme leftists attack Whites through doxxing and nonfactual polemics, then their fellow travelers, usually Jews like Kelly Weill, republish the attacks in liberal online hack sites, which then get mainstreamed into more widely read leftist sites, lending a slightly more authoritative source with each retelling. Yes, they use the radical flank effect on the other side, too. The Jewish control of the media still matters, in this way, despite the internet. But what the internet does supply, however, is lots and lots of cool publicly available information on the anti-White reporters. This information is not republished to encourage anyone to do anything illegal, but purely for educational value. We neither condone nor endorse anyone harassing or stalking anyone, online or otherwise. But neither do we fold to Jewish threats or attacks, legal or otherwise.

Father Francis, the former StormFront Action Radio host who lost his program thanks to Jewish bluffs and threats against the radio channel, will be a special guest on a LIVE episode of The Roper Report podcast in the near future to talk about his ordeal in detail. Until then, let’s give a hand to Michael Miselis.

From ‘The Purity Spiral’

The Purity Spiral would like to extend our support to recently doxxed RAM member, Mike Miselis. This intellectual and athletic young man has been set upon by the degenerate jackals of ProPublica for the “crime” of being a proud White man with strong morals and the conviction to uphold them in the face of the dystopian Marxist lunacy running rampant in America.

Please follow the link below to The Right Brand Clothing site. There are donations links to PayPal and BitCoin, and a PO Box address for cash or cheques. Additionally, profits from sales of The Right Brand Clothing will be donated to Mike.

We thank you for your support and your solidarity with our friends at RAM.

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