by Billy Roper

Sir Isaac Newton and Rene Descartes established the most foundational laws of physics to which all matter and energy are subject. You may have seen the desk ornament of several suspended chrome metal balls which oddly click and clack end to end when one or two are lifted and allowed to swing pendulum-like back into the others. This demonstrative tool of physics is called a Newton’s Cradle.

The laws of physics displayed in this device are the laws of the conservation of energy and the conservation of momentum. Basically, neither is lost, they are only transferred. How these principles of physics are applicable to our struggle will become obvious in a moment.  Read on.

Many of our people, being generally apolitical consumers and reactionaries at best, are not ready to respond positively psychologically to us yet, because they are still too comfortable, i.e., they are at rest with insufficient force as an expression of the release of energy produced through mass and momentum being applied and directed into contact with them in one direction or another, because a body at rest tends to remain at rest. So, our contact with them doesn’t move them.

However, they are in a position to be moved to react negatively psychologically towards our enemies: Antifa certainly, since it’s more acceptable, and they are more vulnerable, to be moved by a purely ideological force (Civic Nationalism or Communism) than by one with clearly racial overtones (us, or Black Lives Matter). We aren’t CivNats and we won’t use it to move our people because it is not a solution to our problems, so we will instead use our enemies against our people to move them towards us. Our energy and momentum, directed at our enemies, will move our friends and potential supporters, through the conservation of both energy and momentum, just as the energy and momentum applied to one of the suspended balls in a Newton’s Cradle moves another ball which was not directly contacted.

This is why The ShieldWall Network does public protests, rallies, and demonstrations. Not for self-promoting photo-ops through flash rallies which noone attends but ourselves. Not to red pill normies or reach the hearts and minds of our people with our propaganda directly, necessarily, although that works for the most ripened small percentage of them, but more so to trigger our enemies, Antifa, et. al., into reacting and overreacting. They become that which they claim to hate most, reactionaries. We want to provoke them into coming out and militantly defending homosexuality and abortion and open borders and Communism. We want to trigger them into violence and vandalism. Then, the admittedly shrinking majority of our people still in the middle are forced to take sides in a de facto sense with us, against our enemies, as the lesser of two evils. They are even “allowed” to say ‘a pox on your both houses’ and withdraw from the field, in effect getting out of our way, which is a victory for our side, as well, if they prefer. That’s what Trump basically did in his public CivNat statement after Charlottesville by saying that there were good and bad people on both sides. As America continues to radicalize, more people are on one side or the other, and fewer are in the middle to delay the conflict between the growing fringes.

Through the controlled media, who need only spell our names right so long as they present the enemy as the masked, Communist faggots they are, in what I refer to as White power jujitsu, using their power to our advantage, we show our people what the left is really like. Let them scream and bang drums and wave their red flags. Let them promote anti-traditional perversions and extreme leftist radicalism. Those of our people who are salvageable see them as alien, as the other, as agitators and troublemakers. We are the alternative.

Thus, Operation Newton’s Cradle is an activist expression of The ShieldWall Network’s radical flank effect policy. Our people, in the aftermath of a public event, may freely say, “Well, I’m not a Nazi, but I don’t like queers flouncing down the street exposing themselves to kids, either.” OR  “I’m not a White Supremacist, but we have to control our borders and know who is coming in.” OR “I’m not a member of The ShieldWall Network, but I’m sick of these Commies running around breaking things and burning buildings.” We give them a choice, by not ceding the streets and public spaces to Antifa. Here are your options, White people. It’s us or them. Everybody pick a side, or have one chosen for you. Tick, tock.

Most of you understand already that a civil war is on its way. The gulf between the sides is wider and deeper than it has ever been. There is no turning back now, so slowing down is a selfish retreat from our responsibilities to save our children from having to deal with the conflict in the future. We did not come to bring peace, but a sword. We didn’t come to unite, but to divide. We came to start a fire, and what do we care if it is kindled already? Our goal is accelerationism of the inevitable. Don’t pass the buck to our kids. Don’t shirk your duty as White men. Don’t kick the can down the road for the next generation to deal with, when things will be even worse and the odds even greater against our people. The ShieldWall Network’s duty is to continue to polarize, divide, and balkanize by triggering and provoking our enemies. That is what we are doing in our public presence through the ShieldWall Network Phalanx, and Operation Newton’s Cradle. The new dawn is coming, Hasten The Day.