Great job to Brad Griffin, Media Relations Officer for the League of the South, for this doxxing which was so richly deserved!

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The Antifa internet troll known as @Don_Chump on Twitter has spent the last five years stalking and harassing the entire Far Right in America: Southern Nationalists, White Nationalists, Neo-Nazis, Patriot groups, the Alt-Right, Confederate heritage activists, etc.

It will suffice to say that no one has spent more time antagonizing us, prying into our personal lives, gathering information from social media and sending it the mainstream media and groups like the SPLC and One People’s Project than this guy. He has stalked everyone from Matt Heimbach in his White Student Union days to Susan Hathaway of the Virginia Flaggers to Mike Enoch.

(Hyper Chicken, Esq. is @don_chump on Twitter)

In his current incarnation, the anonymous Antifa blogger Robert Lee (aka @don_chump) is primarily known for running the Restoring The Honor blog.

(Robert Lee’s blog

Lately, he has dedicated his full attention to the Charlottesville lawsuits and weaving a grand narrative of a gigantic Alt-Right conspiracy, which he promotes to his audience of leftwing journalists:

(@don_chump’s conspiracy theory about a free speech rally and afterparty)

(@don_chump agitating on Twitter to have all the “Nazis” arrested)

In addition to maintaining the Restoring the Honor blog, @don_chump maintains at least 12 other blogs on the Rblee22468 account dedicated to the Republic of Florida Militia, the Virginia Flaggers, the Wolves of Vinland, the Alt-Right and various White Nationalist groups:

(@don_chump operates 12 other blogs)

In my case, @don_chump‘s history of cyberstalking and harassment of me as a target began over four years ago in early 2014, but his original bête noire was Matt Heimbach who he became obsessed with after Heimbach started the White Student Union at Towson University:

(@don_chump’s first post at

In the League of the South, we have always known @don_chump as “Spelunker,” which refers to the name of his original blog which he started in March 2013:

(@don_chump’s original blog

@don_chump‘s cyberstalking and harassment of the League of the South went on until we became determined to unmask his real world identity. It came to an abrupt end in November 2014 after I came across information that led me to believe that he was a Maryland reporter named Jacob DeNobel.

(Jacob DeNobel was mistakenly identified as @don_chump in October 2014)

Jacob DeNobel emailed me and vigorously denied being Spelunker at the time. He succeeding in raising enough doubts in my mind that I dropped the matter. Spelunker also disappeared for several months after that episode and closed down the website.

The tip that led us to believe that Jacob DeNobel was Spelunker came from Stormfront. He allegedly had called into The White Voice radio show without masking his number. Jacob DeNobel’s name came up on the caller id. He lived in the area and had an anti-racist background at Ithaca College. While DeNobel may have once called into The White Voice, we now know once and for all that he isn’t the internet troll known as @don_chump.

(Spelunker returns on January 21, 2015 as Rblee22468 of Restoring The Honor)

@don_chump vanished in November 2014 after we first outed him as Jacob DeNobel. He reappeared on January 21, 2015 when he opened the Restoring The Honor blog on the Rblee22468 account. We must have scared him off and after several months he figured the storm had passed.

Over the course of the past several years, @don_chump became increasingly arrogant and confident that we would never expose his real world identity. He revealed a number of facts about his personal life on his blog that eventually gave us the information we needed to unmask his identity.

He told us that he lives in Pennsylvania:

(@don_chump is a blue collar Union member in Pennsylvania)

He even told us where he lived in Pennsylvania:

(@don_chump voted in the 3rd precinct of the 4th Ward in York, PA)

This is the 3rd precinct of the 4th ward in York, PA:

(3rd Precinct of 4th Ward of York, PA)

Here is a closer view:

(@don_chump told us he lived in this precinct on October 19, 2016)

@don_chump was so arrogant and so confident that Hillary Clinton was going to win the 2016 election that he took a selfie of himself voting and posted it on Restoring The Honor:

(@don_chump proudly voted for Hillary Clinton in York, PA)

@don_chump boasted about receiving his Virginia Flaggers t-shirt:

(@don_chump wearing his Virginia Flaggers t-shirt)

According to Spelunker, he is from Baltimore. He has told us over the years that he heard about Heimbach’s activities at Towson University while living in the area. This was the beginning of his obsession with White Nationalism. We’ve traced his IP address to Maryland and Pennsylvania in the past. We’ve always had strong reasons to believe he lives in the Baltimore-Philadelphia metro area.

As Spelunker, he even had a blog called

The decisive breakthrough happened last night while I was doing some “spelunking” of my own on @don_chump’s old website:


I noticed a curious detail that I had overlooked before:

The Blogger profile was created in May 2007, but the spe-lunk-ing blog didn’t appear until March 2013. What was this Blogger profile up to in the previous six years? So, I went over to the Wayback Machine to take a peek. Look what I turned up:

2009? That’s strange.



What is Mogwaione? Who is based in Glen Burnie, MD?

Wow, that’s interesting.

Who is @don_chump’s girlfriend? He links to her Photobucket account.

Shantel Mitchell?

Interesting. Let’s do some more cave exploring with Mogwaione’s huge Flickr account first though.

Let’s take a look at the Record Nerd account:

Could it be?

Is that Spelunker’s real name? I noticed that dozens of the Flickr photos were tagged “ShawnBreen” as well.

It didn’t take long to find Shawn Breen aka Mogwaione’s Twitter, Vimeo and YouTube channels. It was the MySpace account though that gave me our first glimpse of @don_chump.

TFW your top contact on MySpace as Shawn Breen aka from Glen Burnie, MD is still your girlfriend from 2007, Shantell Mitchell.

Let’s take a look at the Wayback Machine:

(Shawn Breen aka via Wayback Machine)

How sweet! Shawn Breen and Shantel Mitchell are still together.

This is interesting.

@don_chump and Shawn Patrick Breen share the same Blogger profile. He was raised in Waldorf, MD. He was living in Glen Burnie, MD, a suburb of Balitmore, a few years ago. Interestingly enough, Shawn Patrick Breen and Shantel Mitchell were living in York, PA in 2016.

Where did they live in York, PA?

If I am not mistaken, it looks to me like they were living in the 3rd Ward of the 4th Precinct in York, PA in October 2016. Maybe this is all just a huge coincidence though.

@don_chump was kind enough to tell us he is married. Presumably, if @don_chump is Shawn Patrick Breen, then his wife is Shantel Mitchell since they appear to be living together.

Shantel Mitchell Breen was kind enough to let us watch all her videos and browse and download all the photos in her vast public Facebook account last night. My wife deserves the credit for finding the MySpace and Facebook accounts that contained all of these wonderful photos of Shawn:

(Shawn Patrick Breen’s Larry the Cable Guy impression)

(Holy shit … Shawn Patrick Breen has an uncanny resemblance to Matt Parrott!)

(@don_chump desperately needs to cut that carb intake)

(Shawn Patrick Breen wearing his favorite shirt)

(Shawn Patrick Breen aka @don_chump should try Keto)

(Chump can’t even wear a suit at his own wedding!)

Wait a minute … is that Shawn Patrick Breen with Shantel Mitchell? Are you telling me this idiot posted a selfie of himself on Restoring The Honor wearing his same favorite shirt?

(@don_chump proudly votes for Hillary Clinton on Restoring The Honor)

Hell, I believe that is the same shirt!

Shawn Patrick Breen (aka @don_chump) relaxing and enjoying a previous vacation at the beach before developing the habit of stalking and harassing strangers on the internet.

Hey look, I believe that is Shawn Patrick Breen (aka @don_chump aka Spelunker) following me around in Charlottesville taking photos with his wife Shannon’s camera.

This article hasn’t even been posted yet … and @don_chump has already deleted his blog and Twitter account. His wife has also locked down her Facebook account.

Yesterday, Shawn Patrick Breen was enjoying his vacation traveling through Ireland with his wife. They were taking videos and pictures of Medieval castles … and he literally had nothing better to do than to creep on our social media. Today, it is Pee Pee Pants City!

Restoring the honor!

Note: Shannon, if you are reading this, I’m sorry that Shawn has ruined your vacation in Ireland. It was bound to happen sooner or later though.

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