by Billy Roper

This is not an endorsement of Mason, but rather a clarification for those who erroneously attempt to argue that Mason wasn’t REALLY a Satanist, or a Charles Manson fan, or a pedophile. Consider it a counter-endorsement. 


“It was in 1967, in San Francisco, that Anton LaVey founded the Church of
Satan. I’m very proud of my original 33 1/3 album of his “Satanic Mass” and
my inscribed copy of his “Satanic Bible”. I quoted LaVey extensively in my
first book and a number of my closest and best Movement comrades are bona
fide high priests in LaVey’s church. A person might be shocked.

I even permitted myself to be billed as a “Neo-Nazi Satanist” to appear
opposite radio evangelist-for-profit, Bob Larson. If they want me to be
“evil”, I’ll be “evil” for them. Evil sells, evil excites and electrifies.
That is what has been done to the image and reputation of “good”. That’s part
of the trap. A world deliberately turned upside-down. LaVey himself attacks
those who give truth for lies and lies for truth. He borrows straight from
the Bible.”

In the article James Mason goes on to imply that he mainly used the shock value of Satanism to be a media whore and get attention for himself. No, thanks.

In addition to his book ‘The Manson Files’ praising the cult leader, and his appearance in the film “Charles Manson Superstar”, “Siege reveals the odyssey of a fanatical political extremist, from his youth to his radicalization, up to his current outlook. A major section of the book is dedicated to Universal Order, a concept the name and logo of which was suggested to Mason by Charles Manson. The book devotes much attention to expounding how Manson, his ideas and actions fit in with the Universal Order; indeed, the book itself is respectfully dedicated to “The Son Of Man”. In the rest of this article, Mason describes specifically how much he admires, respects, and was motivated  by Charles Manson, whom he calls “the highest authority” and considers a hero on a par with Adolf Hitler. He also talks more about UFOs, Atlantis, Satanism, and his respect and liking of Jewish Satanist Anton LaVey, and defends taking dirty pictures of little girls by saying that those who don’t like such stuff are “uptight”.

You can read about James Mason’s connections with the Manson Family and his writings in Siege about the cult, from Manson Family Photos, HERE.

Oh, and here’s an article about how James Mason’s felony counts for inappropriate sexual contact with and nude photography of underaged girls fell through the cracks and were plea-bargained away so he could serve the time under weapons charges because one of the investigative officers, an equally sick bisexual, apparently sexually assaulted one of the girls during the investigation, himself. But Mason WAS charged with two counts of “sexual exploitation of a child” in 1994, when he was 44. In the article he claims it was consensual, with 14 and 15 year olds. Nice try. Now, he claims to have converted from Satanism again, and says he is a Christian Identist, since that’s the largest growing trend in the movement. Like many CI, however, I don’t buy it, or him.

Really, guys, do a better job of choosing your heroes. If you want a Christian Identist leader to look up to, read the works of Pastor Richard Butler. If you’re more into someone secular, try Dr. William Pierce. I happened to know both of them quite well personally and can attest to their characters and integrity. There are even better men than Mason working for our people who are still alive today. Put down the kool-aid. Escape the Siege mentality.