At The Roper Report, we like to promote other worthwhile podcasts, as well. That’s why Billy Roper has granted interviews to many other shows and their hosts recently, including a couple of days ago, and coming up, interviews with BigCatKayla on her livestreaming Youtube channel Thursday the 19th at two pm cst, and in the works, Andrew Carrington Hitchcock and Jean-Francois Gariépy.

This heretofore unheard of podcast, ‘Student Of The Gun Radio’, recently featured a spot-on discussion about the inevitability of the coming civil war.


“Yes, the Coming Civil War. Not the Potential, because it is coming, in fact some may say that it has already begun. With the Queen Antifa people out in the street macing people, throwing public tantrums and inciting violence daily, like I said before it may have already started.

Some people on our side say “No, don’t encourage it. Don’t incite or hope for Civil War, because in war Everyone Loses”. For starters, our side are not the ones who want it. The Antifas and Millenials are the ones call and crying for it. All our side is saying, is “Bring it the F on.”

Check it out here!