This month we remember the anniversary of the largest White Nationalist rally in our nation’s capitol since the second world war. On August 24th, 2002, then National Alliance officer Billy Roper led over 1,000 racialists, representing a dozen different organizations, in a ‘Rock Against Israel’ march through Washington, D.C., culminating in an anti-Israeli demonstration, a speech by Roper, and a moment of silence for the recently passed Dr. William Pierce in front of the capitol building, followed by the destruction Β of an Israeli flag and many national and international mainstream media interviews. Sixteen years later, Mr. Roper is still leading protests and rallies on behalf of Whites.

Despite the presence of thousands of police and hundreds of proto-Antifa leftists, none of the rally participants were injured or arrested. Following the demonstration, they held a large White Power rock concert near Baltimore that night to celebrate their successful rally.