Pictured: This photograph was taken by one of the ShieldWall Network members whose face was placed on a wanted flyer distributed by Antifa online prior to the counter protest against the Satanist rally which Antifa supported, and actually printed up as a flyer and distributed by them at the event. Like the rest of the SWN contingent similarly “doxxed”, he walked fearlessly among the crowd, recruiting and taking pictures of the Antifa and their supporters for future exposure of the kind which they react much less courageously to. In this picture he took, in the distance behind the Satanists and Antifa one can see the Confederate and Christian flags carried by the honor guard which Pastor Thomas Robb led to occupy the Arkansas state capitol steps, boldly taking the high ground from them.

Douglas Misicko, the homosexual promoting, race mixing and Communism advocating cult leader who inspired the Satanist rally, stated in his speech at the Arkansas state capitol today that White Christians are an aging demographic whom he hopes will die out soon.

“Starvin Marvin” Spencer, the token nigger who plays at being Central Arkansas Antifa, is famous for putting up online fundraisers begging his Communist White Massas to pay for his rent or his “cancer treatments” . His next medical procedure should be for glaucoma, since he waddled right up to the honor guard of Christian and Confederate flag bearers, led by Pastor Thomas Robb of The Knights Party, which had bravely waded into the disorganized group of freaks and misfits making up the Satanist and Antifa rejects, and asked in his most comical Amos and Andy voice “Wheah de ShieldWall be at?”

At the time, Starvin’ Marvin was staring straight at one of the ShieldWall Network members whom he had included in a wanted poster of on his own Central Arkansas Antifa facebook page the day before, and was actually passing out flyers of at the Satanist rally. Two more ShieldWall Network affiliates flanking Pastor Robb, who as the senior White Nationalist leader present was the spokesman for the pro-White Christian side of the protest, were within feet of little stepanfetchit when he mumbled his inquiry, and others, all of whom as per orders were in plain-clothes rather than uniform for this event, were mingling with the crowd of fifty or so Christians on the other side of the street from the Capitol steps, passing out ShieldWall Network business cards where appropriate and recruiting.

But most of all, whichever side of the street they were on, The Knights Party contingent and the ShieldWall Network members supplied a stark choice to the several media outlets which Pastor Robb granted interviews to, as well as those participating on the pro-Christian side. Simply put, the dichotomy was clear. On one end of the spectrum was the Satanists, then their Antifa allies, who turned out to be too afraid to “punch a Nazi” after all, despite their wanted poster flyers and social media threats and calling out for all the anti-Whites and Communists in Arkansas and Tennessee to be there. They did recognize and photograph some ShieldWall members on the other side of the street mingled with the crowd, so we know that they know SWN were there, photographing them and their vehicles right back.

Then, there was the loud and raucous black church congregation preaching and shucking and jiving against the Satanists, and providing comic relief, and moving towards the other end of the spectrum, the mainstream Judeo-Christians, largely Zionists  and Civic Nationalists, though a few of them were open to our message. Then some traditional Catholics who were almost right there with White Nationalism ideologically if not quite Christian Identity theologically. And finally, at the opposite end of the spectrum from the Satanists, were the White Nationalists. Those were the two opposing extremes presented, for people to choose from. Satanists vs. White Nationalists. Choose a side, goy. Therein lies peak Operation Newton’s Cradle.

We would like to thank all of the ShieldWall Network and Knight’s Party affiliates who attended the peaceful counter-protest in Little Rock, especially Pastor Thomas Robb of the Christian Revival Center, who demonstrated his personal courage and leadership once again. He led the honor guard right through and to the back of the Satanists, knowing they lacked the testicular fortitude to try to remove them, and put the Confederate and Christian flags right in their faces. We also want to thank those who have been calling and emailing this afternoon with expressions of gratitude and support and inquiries of interest after receiving ShieldWall Network business cards, including the young man who was about to give Marvin a new medical cause to fundraise for before the police intervened. It may take a few days, but we promise to reply to each of you soon, and to help you network with other like-minded people in the state.