by Pastor Thomas Robb, The Knights Party

We have returned from Little Rock where members of the Knights Party along with Shield Wall Network participated in a witness against the freak show that gathered to promote the placing of an image of Satan on the State Capitol grounds.
While other members of The Knights distributing copies of The Crusader among the crowd, I stood holding a Confederate flag flanked by others holding two Christian Flags, one of them held by Tom Bowie a Knights Party associate and member of the Christian Revival Center who traveled with me to Little Rock and Andrew who did video taping for AltRight TV. While 25 or 30 apparent members of a local church stood across the street holding their signs suggesting the Satanists should repent. We chose to carry our message right into the heart of this degenerate anti-white, anti-Christian and pro queer gathering. One of the speakers even stated that (he) was a transgendered woman sex worker. I would have liked to have that explained to me, but I was concerned that there might be some disease in the air coming from its foul mouth and I didn’t want to venture too close.

Even though Shield Wall and The Knights were the only official groups standing in witness of our Christian Faith. There were indeed many others who as individuals held signs of protest to the Satan worshipers. In fact, at one point several dozen Satan worshipers actually got on their knees proclaiming “Hail Satan, Hail Satan.” But like I said many of those present were opposed to this disgusting show of blasphemy. These people were able to get copies of the Crusader from our members in the crowd. We was able to engage in numerous interviews, speak on the issue of White Genocide with the media and, along with Shield Wall deliver a show of strength.

One black fellow got into our face thinking he would intimidate us – he didn’t – besides he was quickly surrounded by state police which depleted his courage and he shrunk back into the crowd. Shortly after, a White guy, looking like he might be a depressed member of Antifa stood about 10 feet in front of us and started staring (again thinking his stare was so awesome we would shrink in fear) after about 2 minutes of this foolishness I called over to our video camera man and said “Start filming this guy he thinks he is going to intimidate us.” The moment I said that and the camera zeroed in on his face, he quickly left. He may have been afraid that if seen his parents may kick him out of the basement.

Here is another report from Shield Wall Network which you will enjoy, along with a photo of one of the creepy freaks that wanted to display how super superior anti-Christ Satan worshipers were. He failed.