by Sylvia Lee

Pictured: ShieldWall Network affiliates have a civil exchange with Central Arkansas Antifa spokestoken Marvin Spencer, moments before police intervene. 

In this new article written like they had just taken a bad acid trip, Satanists imagine seeing groups of armed ShieldWall Network Phalanx members stationed at various points around the state capitol in Little Rock talking with one another on two-way radios. They are so paranoid that they fantasized they were followed by multiple vehicles out of town, and one Antifa even said that he made out his living will and left it on his desk before he came out to join the Satanists. Either they have guilty consciences, or are afraid of their own shadows. Or both. They definitely looked scared.

“…Hollow Axis explained that because the site to the rally was so secure, the real threat lay in bringing Greaves safely to the rally and escorting him out without being followed. As he approached, Axis spotted teams of men near the capitol grounds communicating on hand-held radios. They appeared to be carrying concealed weapons and never went onto the capitol grounds where concealed weapons are illegal. A camera man for Vice confirmed in an email that he had seen suspicious men who dispersed when he started to film them.

Some men attempted to block the flatbed truck with the Baphomet statue from circling into position, which may have been an attempt to start an altercation. After the rally, two vehicles followed the truck for about two miles before the driver lost them. In a blog post, Roper boasted that his group had been at the rally photographing TST members and their vehicles.”

Marvin Spencer, the token nigger who runs the Central Arkansas Antifa facebook page, was so afraid of something that happened during or after the rally that despite calling out all Antifa to come and support the Satanists, and attending it to pass out flyers containing pictures of White people as wanted posters personally, he later posted a disclaimer. Marvin stated that the Satanists had never endorsed him, even though he contacted them prior to the rally to provide information to them about Whites who might protest against them, according to the Satanists themselves. He then strangely said that he “did not even claim to attend”…but he DID attend. Poor Marvin, he probably doesn’t know what he’s afraid of, the spook just got spooked.

The Satanist article then goes on to whine about their personal information and that of their families’ being published by the mean Nazis, and how the ShieldWall Network tried to provoke violence, as if they were watching a Mission Impossible movie complete with interstate car chases, hit teams, and clandestine operations. Why so scared, Satanists and Antifa? Why so weak and gutless?

It’s almost like somebody put the fear of God into you.