by Paul Jones

If a patient has a cancer, and not only is it a cancer but a Stage 4 cancer, the doctors would be remiss if the patient wasn’t advised of the serious diagnosis and any possible cures, however remote.

If the diagnosis for the United States and the West is that we have been in a Stage 4 cultural, social, economic and political takeover since the end of W.W. II by the Jewish power structure, and that now the “patients” have suffered a metathesis so extensive that they are becoming “shells of their former selves,” then we can no longer misdiagnose the “disease” that is causing the “patients” to have reached the condition they are in.

There are some well meaning individuals and groups, such as Jared Taylor and American Renaissance and its writers, who do a certain amount of good and whom I generally support, but in their refusal to get to the root cause of our civilizational decline that has pushed us towards extinction as an ethnic group they can only have a certain amount of effectiveness as our race gets further and further reduced in numbers.

As I recall, one of Taylor’s arguments as far as trying to reach and avoiding direct criticism of the Jews is a statement to the effect of, “They look white, don’t they?” This is generally true, and it’s also true that if a black criminal wants to target a white person, that person could just as easily be Jewish or a person of European descent from the point of view of a mugger or rapist.

It’s also true that there were a certain number of Jews who were against the efforts to desegregate the South in the Fifties and Sixties and who also were opposed to the 1965 Immigration Reform bill, which set the stage for the total demographic transformation of the U.S. from close to 90% white back then to what we have today, with whites under 18 years of age simply being the largest minority in a country that has become a racial hodgepodge. And arriving to the present, there are a certain number of Jews today who are opposed to the Jewish power structure and its racial policies. But unfortunately, today as in the past, they are few and far between.

The practical aspect of this is that Jared Taylor of American Renaissance “avoids like the plague” voices on the Racial Right who point out the Jewish problem as the main cause of our dispossession. I recall that several years back David Duke was made a persona non grata as far as being able to attend the annual conferences of American Renaissance, and I’m sure there are a good number of others like Duke who would not be invited so as to not make the few Jewish guests feel uncomfortable.

To test out my hypothesis that anyone connected with American Renaissance will not “bell the cat” so to speak, I read “Because We Live Here,” an anthology of writings by Paul Kersey who has the SBPDL.Com site which documents outrageous behavior among blacks. But while there is chapter after chapter in the book with titles like “In 70% black Baltimore, they can remove Confederate statues overnight, but can’t convince blacks to stop killing each other for a weekend…” (p. 123), there is no single mention of the role Jewish groups have played in empowering blacks and incentivizing them to develop and carry out their political and social goals.

In another chapter titled “What was it they knew? Baltimore and Restrictive Covenants” (p. 188), it states that “On May 15, 1911, Baltimore Mayor J. Barry Mahool, who was an earnest advocate of good government, women’s suffrage, and social justice, signed into law ‘Lain ordinance for preserving peace, preventing conflict and ill feeling between the white and colored races in Baltimore city, and promoting the general welfare of the city by providing, so far as practicable, for the use of separate blocks by white, and colored people for residences, churches and schools.’” Kersey then goes on to describe the situation in Baltimore today by contrast. But nowhere in the chapter is there mentioned which group was responsible for causing the restrictive covenant agreements to be declared unconstitutional. The blacks themselves could never have done this alone, but it was principally through the efforts of the Jewish power structure, especially the myriad of lawyers in its ranks, who effected this change. And, of course, the same group was mainly responsible for attacking the laws preventing intermarriage between blacks and whites, as well as segregated schools for the races that came to an end not long after the decision of Brown v. Board of Education in 1954.

So while American Renaissance with Jared Taylor and writers like Paul Kersey may do a certain amount of good, I think the main cause of our Stage 4 cancer on the body politic needs to be identified before it’s too late since it’s without a doubt the Jewish power structure which, for whatever reasons involved, has racial replacement of the European races of mankind as its goal.