by Julian Polksalet

When Antifa and Satanists work to censor and deplatform White people, they accelerate the process leading to civil war. They do this by pushing more people off the fence and radicalizing them. When they destroy centuries-old statues to memorialize the dead, they provoke further polarization and create more enemies for themselves. Ultimately, this will lead to all of them who are not fast enough in leaving White ethnostate areas simply being killed, once the civil war begins. In fact, the ONLY thing keeping them alive now, is the protective hand of the Zionist Occupied Government they pretend to hate. Remove that, and it’ll be ‘Saturday night in Sioux City’. Yes, Antifa are only still above ground because it’s currently illegal to kill them. That may not always be the case, or it may not always matter. They may not always enjoy police protection.

The law enforcement who stand aside and let Antifa block traffic, and march in the streets, and tear down statues without stopping them represent the side that ZOG is on. They know more than most how corrupt the system is. They deal with racial reality in their jobs, every day. Still, they uphold the law, or to be more accurate, they follow the orders of the people who sign their paychecks. For the lawyers and the judges there will be no fair warning given, but local law enforcement will have to make a choice. They will have to come to realize that even they will be taking a side, and that in fact, they already are. With those choices of a side come consequences for oneself, not just one’s career, but one’s family and one’s future. The Antifa throw rocks and bottles and feces at them, and loot and commit arson and vandalize property. They hate police, even though even now they would be crushed without them.

Many police officers, especially on the local level, are good White men doing their best to help their communities. They fight to keep drugs off the street and arrest rapists and robbers and child molesters and other degenerates. So long as they stay out of politics, they help far more than they hurt, usually. But now they have been politicized. And, by the wrong side.

The time will come when law enforcement may not be pressured by the judges and lawyers and the affirmative action hires and political appointees to “just follow orders”. Or, the time may come when an equal and opposite pressure is applied by a contending force. It’s understandable that, when the Federal authorities have the power and will to exercise it, local law enforcement may be forced to side against White Americans, for as long as they choose to stay in those careers. But when they are able, they would do better to look the other way, to not harass and target White people. After all, we are going to have to all live together once the civil war is over. There will be new people giving different orders for them to follow. There will be consequences for the sides and actions taken, now. When they are able, they should choose to live and let live, when it comes to Whites. When they must use the boot, they should learn to use the side of the boot, rather than the toe. Because, after all, they have theirs and their family’s futures to think about, too. And the future is ours.