by Billy Roper

Outside, the courthouse bears the quote “Justice is the fundamental law of society” by Thomas Jefferson, the primary author of the Declaration of Independence who was an open White Nationalist. Inside, the Charlottesville Circuit Court, for the 16th Judicial Circuit of Virginia, belies everything which Jefferson and the other Founding Fathers believed in and fought for.

While he was Governor of Virginia, Jefferson advocated castration as a punishment and treatment for homosexuals, and wrote that blacks and Whites could not and should not live in the same society. Across the street stands a statue of Confederate General “Stonewall” Jackson. Clearly, the historical and traditional foundations of this city have been turned upside down.

Jefferson and Jackson both took part in desperate, armed uprisings against the forces of tyranny. It is instructive to remember that in doing so, both acted contrary to their own governments.

On Tuesday, August 21st, a White man was sentenced to four years in prison for firing a warning shot when a violent black attacker threatened him and other first amendment exercisers with a flamethrower as  they attempted to leave a park in accordance with police directions.

Today, my friend Jacob Goodwin faced the same judge in the same courtroom. In his most recent letter, he had expressed hope that he would be allowed to come home, if the jury recommendation was followed. Jacob had a spotless record, without so much as a parking ticket, prior to this incident in which he came to the aid of an elderly White man who had been brutally attacked by the same group of criminal blacks who had previously used the flamethrower and attacked other unarmed people throughout the day of August 12th, 2017. Jacob didn’t leave so much as a bruise, or draw a drop of blood, in the fight. However, he was judged guilty collectively with others who were involved in the brief scuffle.

Judge Moore just sentenced Jacob to ten years in prison, two of it suspended, meaning he faces eight years in prison, pending his appeal, during which he will remain in prison as he has been for nearly a year, already. The Judge had the unmitigated audacity to say in an open courtroom that Jacob started the fight, that he was the instigator of it, and that he attacked Deandre Harris and knocked him down first. The Judge is a lying piece of shit. 

I just spoke to Jacob’s parents as they were leaving the courtroom. As one can imagine, they are in shock and outraged.

Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis stated in a 1928 wiretapping case that,  “Government is the potent, the omnipresent teacher. For good or for ill it teaches the people by its example.” 

From this court we have learned to judge our enemies collectively, and sentence them collectively, as well, without mercy or exception. We’re good students.

The honorable Richard E. Moore, who presided over both cases, doesn’t deserve all of the blame. The town of Charlottesville is a liberal, left-wing Twilight Zone. Neither Jefferson nor Jackson would be comfortable there today, and the anti-Whites who are in power there and at the national level are quite proud of that fact.

Jefferson and Jackson, smiling down grimly, should approve of what we do about it. Following the examples they set forth in their own times, what is the solution?