On Friday evening, September 28th, a preliminary dinner and social meet-and-greet took place in northern Texas, followed by a closed door session during which (in a private location) the dozen ShieldWall Network Phalanx members who attended held a meeting to officially patch in and welcome two new Phalanx members, then discuss and vote on upcoming events and other internal issues.

Despite the typical weak and empty threats by anti-Whites on social media, ZERO Pantifa showed up at either the rendezvous point or the meeting, and there were no issues with law enforcement or anyone else for the entire weekend. Phalanx security was on hand and the itinerary was well planned and executed, though, just in case, but as it turned out once again the Communists and faggots punked out completely.

During the well attended ArkLaTex Regional White Unity Conference itself the next morning, donuts and coffee were provided to guests who enjoyed merchandise and informational tables (with t-shirts, books, CDs, and free literature) from the various organizations involved, including The ShieldWall Network, the League of the South, Nordic Front, United White Knights, and several other klan and militia groups. Everyone was very pleasantly surprised by how many people from Arkansas, Louisiana, Tennessee, Texas, Oklahoma, and Mississippi showed up, and how well all of the different organizations networked, as new friendships were made and alliances built all day Saturday.

Following music and speeches by lifelong klanswoman Tonya, Billy Roper of the ShieldWall Network, Luke and Trent of the League of the South, Henry, the new Texas ShieldWall Network Regional Coordinator, Tim of the United White Knights, Gary Yarbrough’s widow Susan, and Jacob Goodwin’s mom Tamera, many great raffle prizes were given away. The secure and private venue was then left for dinner, followed by a cross-lighting ceremony and another high level ShieldWall Network meeting during which the addition of the Texas State Regional Chapter of the SWN was formalized.

Many thanks to our generous hosts, to each organization which not only attended but pledged to continue to work together for our people’s future going forward, and to all those who joined us. This is how we build the network. This is how we win.