A year ago, the favorite word for the press to use was ‘balkanization’. It was a reference to the growingly inevitable breakup of America. At that point, despite the widening polarization and division becoming more obvious day by day, few prognosticators aside from Billy Roper were willing to name the poison that would kill multiracial democracy. Would it be an external attack and foreign war which weakened the Federal government? An economic collapse? EMP? Now, one theme, one mechanical means for dissolution, has risen to prominence and is being talked about, above all others. Civil War.

The increasing swell of mainstream media articles discussing the coming civil war should ensure that noone can legitimately claim not to have been warned. Whether you decide to actually DO anything to prepare for it, or just sit and watch it coming like it is a tv drama or Youtube video that won’t reach out and affect you personally, is up to you. If you choose to do nothing, then at least help those of us who are preparing. For, after all, are you not entertained?


Batavick: A second Civil War brewing?

…”The U.S. State Department’s Keith Mines has witnessed civil wars in countries from Afghanistan to Sudan. He believes the U.S. has a 60 percent chance of experiencing such a conflict over the next 10 to 15 years. He’s not alone. When Foreign Policy magazine asked a variety of other experts, their consensus “best guess” was 35 percent…”


Kavanaugh and the Crux of a Cold Civil War

“In the wake of the Kavanaugh confirmation hearings, this increasingly is a question only the Left can answer, for it is their calumnies and lawlessness exacerbating the political divide and deepening the America’s cold civil war. Best the Left ponder and devise an answer soon.”

If they do not, one day, historians will record that the violent Left had turned Steve Scalise into our Charles Sumner.


U.S. Civil War 2.0: Should U.S. Split into Two Countries?

Supreme Court Kavanaugh Battle Highlights Irreconcilable Values Divide

“Now what? More war? Keeping fighting the obvious?

America has already split into two countries. Can there be reconciliation? How? Where? Why?

The values have broken down the seams like a tectonic plate during a massive earthquake.

The victorious tribe has no desire for compromise whatsoever because they are “right” and the others are “wrong”. The losing tribe has no intention of sitting at the same table with those to which they share NO value and break NO bread. There is nothing to discuss.”